7 key benefits of studying in Australia

Australia, a culturally diverse, vast, geographically special, people friendly, quality education providing country, with people from more than 20 different nationalities residing solely for the purpose of education. What more could you possibly dream of studying abroad. Moreover, job opportunities post study is also a significant feature, which enables the practice of the studies you completed put to a good use

Let's go through some of the key benefits of studying in Australia.

1. Excellence in Education.

Australia hosts 7 out of the 100 top universities ranked across the globe and has over 1000 institutions offering A-Z courses across varied options, be it professional, non-professional or short courses. Along with the high quality of living index, moderate tuition fee options and job opportunities, studying in Australia makes it an absolute catch. 

2. Top educational Ranking

Australia is ranked in the Top 5 countries across the world for the High-quality index when it comes to education. Along with the educational quality, the country also boasts in 90% satisfaction rates among a recent study done among international students learning and working in Australia. Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold coast, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne are top popular cities preferred by students. 

3. Unity in Diversity

Hosting international students under the same roof is a triumph in itself, but Australia also has varied courses from, professional, non-professional and diploma courses to choose from. Engineering & technology, Medical sector, Life sciences, Social sciences, Arts, are the main disciplines. A student can choose, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, vocational courses, Technical training courses, student exchange programs under these disciplines from which you can choose from. 

4. Scholarship programs 

The scholarship programs happen to be the most attracting features of studying in Australia. The country offers various scholarships based on merit or need, that covers 10% to full coverage in tuition fees. This is a major boon to international students aspiring to learn in Australia. The eligibility criteria and rules will vary university to university, so you can choose and apply from scholarship which suits you. Some of the popular scholarships are Global excellence scholarship, Australia award scholarship, Scholarships by Australian embassy. 

5. Quality & education module

Australian course modules are designed in a way to equip you for the career related to the study without any theoretical complications. The courses are practical oriented and the training provides the student with confidence to work in a competitive world. It provides moral boost in the students and equips him/her with necessary skill sets.  

6. Work while Study

Working while studying is an open option to all students, and work part-time up to 30hrs per week and full time during the vacation. With student visa, the jobs are available inside the campus as well as outside. This reduces the cost of living and aids the student with major financial support. The money can be used for tuition fees, food & accommodation, or save up to explore the Australian terrain through trips and travels.  

6. Land of unexplored Wilderness 

Australia is literally the biggest island there is, with an absolutely diverse fauna and flora exclusive to the island. With plethora of tourism options be it trekking to the mountains or taking deep dive into Australian reefs, exploring the country will be a lifetime chance. While you are getting educated with world class educational system, release the heat and stress by traversing through the iconic terrains and historical sites which are sure to take your breath away. 

While there are many more amazing benefits for you to experience at Australia, but we leave the rest for you to wander and lose yourself into. D-world works exclusively with reputed universities across the country for you to choose from and our trained team will guide you through counselling and pros and cons of everything there is. D-world specializes in hassle free visa process and immigration enabling you with smooth transition from India to Australia in the blink of an eye. We believe the trust you have upon us and make sure we deliver to the fullest of our potential.  

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