Italy has influenced global culture with some of the richest collections of art, architecture, cuisine, and music in the world. An immersive study abroad experience in Italy helps you develop an expanded world perspective and cultural appreciation. In comparison to other European countries, Italy is the most affordable country for higher education.


  • World’s most beautiful country in the world
  • Reservoir of Fashion
  • Free / Low tuition fees (0 to 500 Euro/ sem )
  • GAP / Backlogs Acceptable
  • 100% scholarship, stipend 5200 Euro per year
  • Easy admission & Visa process

  • No IELTS / No GRE

  • Admission in TOP ranked university

  • Paid internship

  • 8th Largest economy of the world

  • 7th industrialized country in the world

  • 1 year post study work rights

  • PR within 3 years


Students worldwide come to Italy to study and gain insight into their field through a different cultural lens. Italy boasts a high-quality education system and is home to the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world. The country has been a hub for art, science, and higher education for hundreds of years. One of the most well-known universities in Italy for science, arts, architecture and engineering is the University of Padova.

Entry Requirement

The academic year comprise of two semesters. The first semester starts in September/October and ends in January/February. The second semester starts in February and ends in July. University application deadlines in Italy generally run from mid-April to mid-May, but they vary according to the institution.

€300 – €700 per month, €6000 – €9000 per year. Cost of Living in Italy for International Students may varies from cities to cities.

Both Bachelors and Masters Students can explore accommodation on-campus or even can go for off-campus accommodation like renting an apartment or homestay.

If you study with Erasmus, there is a free service known as (Sportello Casa) to help you find housing in some areas. This service is sometimes offered to international students outside the Erasmus program, but it must be confirmed before using such services.

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Students are legally eligible to do part-time 20 hours per week, minimum wage per hour is around 7 Euro to 9 Euro. During vacation students are eligible for full-time work.

A success completions of the studies and continuous stay of 5 years make one eligible for a Permanent Resident in Italy.

  • Studying in Italy is not only about the best education, but also your gateway to Europe.
  • Explore Schengen visa, which is valid in 26 other developed countries in Europe.


How to Apply?

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